About Us

About Us


As KOERM Team, we founded this organization with the awareness and confidence of working together for years and we came together with specialists having experiences accumulated over years.

This organization consists of numerous Certified Public Accountants, Independent Accountants and Financial Advisers, Lawyers, Customs Brokers, Social Security Specialists, Financial Experts, Human Resources Professionals and Training Specialists.

KOERM consists of teams with qualification certificates and experience in working with the international companies

Our Team

Ertunç Koçak – Partner (Founder)- Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant- Taxation & Consultancy Services

Ertan Koçak – Partner-Certified Public Accountant-Financial Advice and SSI Services

Atilla Birdal- Partner- Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant -Taxation & Consultancy Services

Emirhan Öztürk– Specialist- VAT Refund  & Accounting Services

Hüseyin Maden– Partner- Certified Public Accountant – Taxation & Consultancy Services- KOERM USA Office Manager

Emirhan TÜRKKAN- Expert -Accounting Services


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